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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grepolis Materials Hack v4.9

Download: CLICK
Mirror: CLICK 
MARCH 2014 STATUS: Working, Undetected
LAST HACK UPDATE: 11 February - v4.9
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I will show you Grepolis Materials Hack.

Like Ikariam, Grepolis is a browser based strategy game set in Ancient Greece. Players start with a tiny ‘polis’ or city and must build it up into a thriving Aegean metropolis. All player controlled cities start near the coast of one of the many islands that populate the world. More inland towns are NPC controlled Farming Villages that can be pillaged by surrounding players. There are three key resources in Grepolis, Wood, Rock, and Silver which are all generated at different buildings. Farms are also required to increase your city’s population and warehouses increase the cap of resources players can store. After getting their economies set up, players must train land troops, ships, and even mythological creatures to defend themselves from aggressors in this open PvP environment.

1. Download this hack absolutely free by clicking LINK or LINK (tutorial how to download: CLICK).
2. Run hack.
Type player name select amount of materials.
4. Then press "Add materials to my account".
5. Now you must wait a few seconds, and log in into your account.

Any question? AnonymousCheats@gmail.com
Have fun!


  1. i download it, and it really work, thanks for upload. i must download too gold hack

  2. Works a treat. Thanks so, so, so much :)

  3. yes it works thank you so much i love it when people dont have viruses in there stuff your awesome im not gonna fail thanks to u!! thanks man i appreciate it

  4. Great, used and its work!

  5. OK I test it I must say: holly shit its working !
    Thanks you guys!


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